Affordable and commercial legal services

Cost should not be a barrier to businesses obtaining quality legal advice and assistance. I aim to provide sensible and affordable advice and support, to minimise risk and costs to business and to help it to achieve its commercial objectives.

Commercial legal services can assist business at all levels: from document drafting to ensure business relationships are properly regulated, to the drafting of court papers when litigation is required. Timely legal advice and carefully worded correspondence can resolve many issues before they escalate; and a commercial and legal perspective can harmonise both external and internal working relationships.

Direct access barrister

As a direct access barrister, I can offer quality support and assistance without the price tag associated with larger firms of lawyers. With a background at the commercial bar and within large contracting firms, the commercial legal services I provide can be tailored to produce the best results for your specific situation.

I am fully qualified and experienced to assist with litigation and other formal dispute resolution procedures. However, it is worth remembering that litigation is not always the best way to achieve a desired result. Independent and knowledgeable advice and careful document drafting at an early stage can help to avoid litigation and its inherent costs and risks.

I am able to provide assistance within my areas of expertise (as listed on the Legal Advice page) including:

  • Drafting and reviewing documents, correspondence and contractual terms and conditions
  • Contractual disputes
  • General advice on specific areas of law
  • Debt recovery
  • Drafting statements of case and witness statements for legal proceedings
  • Negotiation and dispute resolution
  • Representation at Court and Tribunal hearings nationwide

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