TrainingAre you and your managers equipped to deal with contractual problems?  With the confidence and awareness to achieve the best possible outcomes in full awareness of the company’s legal rights and obligations?  Do you have the knowledge and understanding to enable the company to avoid risks and save money?

Whether you require general training or instruction on a specific area such as a standard form contract, I am available to provide high quality and cost effective training at a time and location to suit you. Training will always be individually tailored to the requirements of your organisation and is available covering any areas within my sphere of expertise.

Contract law training

One example of a general contract law training course I provide, giving a general overview of relevant areas and aimed at operational and senior management, covers the following:

• Forming a contract (the required offer and acceptance, and necessary formalities).
• Terms of the contract (express and implied terms).
• Battle of the forms (whose terms apply when parties have exchanged terms on contractual documents, and how best to secure the application of your own terms).
• Key terms to look for when reviewing a contract (e.g. liquidated damages/penalties, fitness for purpose design obligations, retention of title, incorporated documents, etc).
• How to get paid (including Construction Act provisions and rights to interest).


I am also able to provide contract law training on specific contract forms, such as the NEC3 form of contract, to improve awareness of the terminology used within the contract, the key areas to look out for and the procedures to be utilised. In work carried out under the NEC form, it is vital that operational staff have a good working knowledge of, and are comfortable with, the procedures around early warning notifications and compensation events.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for contract law training, or other training, geared to your specific requirements. I will always be happy to provide a no-obligation quote in advance of undertaking any work.


“Thank you for the excellent training you recently provided.  It was particularly well received, with over 90% of attendees rating it very or extremely valuable”.  Feedback from Contract Law training delivered to the operational management of JPCS Ltd, May 2013.


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